Our Testimonials

M Ryan

“Excellent service all round. Jadebuild can’t do enough for you and goes the extra mile. We thoroughly recommend there team of superb tradesmen – very hard to find! Don’t hesitate to contact Jadebuild Limited if you want an effective and efficient builder.”

D Grayson

“Can’t fault a thing, the base for the Conservatory is excellent, floor flat and smooth and the brick work around looks fab, really really pleased with the work. The Jadebuild team worked so hard removing the old lean-to and getting the new base in. So pleased each day they worked to see the change and everything left tidy.”

L Patel

“Very impressed that a toilet could be fitted in such a small space. A job well done, it looks like it has always been there. There were some issues with drainage, but they were resolved in the end. I was also pleased that the builder came up with an imaginative way of ensuring that the banister rail did not have to be removed, the finish is excellent.” 

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